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For Sound System Hire, look no further than The Music Box. As an asset based creative event production company, we are a one stop-shop solution – this means one supplier, one order, one Event Consultant: one call and it’s done. Everything in one easy box.

Sound System Hire Sunshine Coast:

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Sound is a critical component of any event, and audio content must be conveyed to a crowd effectively both in terms of coverage and fidelity. If the sound is inadequately amplified or delivered with poor quality (played through inferior sound systems), the impact of your audio content will be completely lost on the attendees.

Our production team are experienced at creating effective, captivating sound in any type of venue from large theatres and outdoor festivals to more intimate, small-scale settings. In any venue, we understand how to captivate an audience’s attention and direct their focus. This starts by taking into account the acoustics of the event space, and the role that the audio content will play within the framework of your event. We work with you to discuss your needs and requirements of our sound systems so that all equipment hired meets your needs and expectations.

Great sounding audio needs the right equipment, and The Music Box Sunshine Coast provides some of the latest ranges of consoles, speakers and PA packages for hire for events and exhibitions throughout Sunshine Coast.

High quality audio equipment within your budget, sounds good, right?

Delivering effective audio is about more than just being loud, it needs to be clear – we deliver great sound, and can tailor the scale of event specifically to your budget and advise you on what gear would be most cost-effective. We can assist in delivery, setup and operation of any sound system you desire, or simply provide you the specific gear you need if you are looking to expand or compliment an existing setup.

Ultimately, our goal is to set you on the path towards a memorable event and our production team in Sunshine Coast are experienced and capable delivering just that. From government addresses, product launches and press conferences to music festivals, opera concerts, orchestral performances and theatrical productions.

Our flexibility and ability to diversify has kept us the number one choice for many promoters and event management companies. We can provide small systems to cater to boardroom presentations through to large format systems for outdoor events.

Sound System Hire that surpasses your expectations!

We provide high quality, powerful sound systems to reach crowds of different sizes. We realize that your content needs to be delivered to everyone in the venue at the right volume level and clarity. Our sound systems are tested in our warehouse prior to hire, and our mixing engineers are well-versed in solving any technical issues or any obstacles in the planning phase to ensure delivery of flawless sound to your event.

We are able to work within tight schedules, and have the adaptability and experience to deliver your needs within the time constraints of your event. The Music Box Sunshine Coast understand the coordination and effort that goes into creating an event, so we’ll take the stress out of delivering great sound. Our production team can make sure your sound system will be delivered, set up and tested, all on-time and ready to go when you are.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our ongoing relationships with our customers is a testament to our quality and consistency. We want you coming back to us for your next event, so when you hire a sound system from us we want it to be the perfect fit. Just because an event may be small in scale doesn’t mean it has to fall short on quality. We take the same care in providing a small setup for low level background music as we do in providing a large festival sound system, delivering live music to a large crowd. The key is that we get it right the first time, so that you’ll come to us again, next time.

We’ll help you to get a Sound System Hire, right. For more information on how we can help, contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

We’ll help you to get a Sound System Hire, right. For more information on how to hire event speaker systems contact today for a free quote and consultation.