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Your one stop-shop solution to hire an Event Lighting package from the Audio-Visual experts at The Music Box. We are an asset based creative event production company. That means one supplier, one order, one Event Consultant and one call and it’s done. Everything in one easy box.

The Music Box specialises in providing a variety of event lighting hire for any sort of occasion. Whether you are planning a small party or a large scale event, in a function room or an outdoor setting, we can provide you with all the lighting you need to create the look you want at your event – whether you want to set a particular mood or have a display that leaves your guests in awe, we can help!

Our expert team can assist you in planning your event; we can help tailor a lighting package suitable to your needs that fits within your budget. Our top priority is helping you achieve a memorable event. Through planning and consultation, delivery and setup, operation and bump out at the event’s conclusion, we can work with you every step of the way. With our operations in Sydney, if you’re ever in need of Illumination, we’ll have a solution for you. Give us a call.

We offer a range of Party Lighting Hire solutions for whatever type of event you’re having in the Sydney area. By controlling the ambient colour and level of illumination in a space, we can create a mood or direct the focus of attendees to wherever you require. A common effect is tasteful up-lighting which can be placed around a space to provide an overall wash of colour, or placed at certain focal points to highlight a particular feature or centrepiece of your event. When used in the correct manner, party lighting can help define a space and lift its appearance out of the everyday into something spectacular.

The right lighting can be extremely effective at altering the feel of a space, and this can be done without huge expense or a mass of equipment. Even the classic disco ball, scattering reflected light across a space, can have an immediate impact with a small amount of effort in setting up. We can work with you to create the right lighting plan to get the greatest amount of impact possible within your budget and scope.

If you want to pump up the energy and get the crowd moving, for a more in-your-face effect we can provide beating strobe lights, laser effects and moving head beam and wash lights. Combined with an atmospheric fog from our haze machines, we can transform any space into a nightclub. With our lighting display to dazzle the senses, along with a quality sound system, we’ll lift the mood of your partygoers long into the night.

For larger scale events, you may have performances or activities where you need the lighting to be an active, dynamic component of the show. We have a wide range of controllable lighting fixtures which can be programmed in advance as well as manipulated in real time, and can be adjusted in terms of their colour, their orientation and in their intensity to provide the right visual accompaniment to your event. Our experienced production crew and lighting operators can work with you to create the right atmosphere at the right times. Our skilled technicians have provided lighting shows across a range of events from live music acts, dance performances, awards events and speaking engagements across the country.

Whatever your lighting needs, we can provide the right Party Lighting Hire to make your event magical. If you’re looking for any assistance in party lighting hire for your specific event in Sydney, we are here to help.

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