LED Screen


Capture your audience by displaying information and artistic imagery in a dynamic and fluid way by simply adding a video element to your event. We stock over 200 panels of 2.8mm pitch LED screen. Whether you have a product to show, close up shots of a presenter, or want to add visual effects to a bare wall – our visual team are ready to bring your event to the next level.

Our 2.8mm pitch LED Screen system has one of the highest resolutions available. Find out more information here.

The applications for LED screens are varied:

  • Video content displays for presentations.
  • When incorporated into set design, the screen acts like a modular backdrop that can display image magnification, PowerPoint or keynote presentations, live Twitter feeds, branding and other scenic video elements.
  • Digital Backdrops for fashion shows whereby we can show scenery to reflect the creative perspective of a show.
  • Immersive rooms where we can cover all the walls in a room with video screen to make an incredible, immersive space.
  • Retail displays allowing digital content to be visible across even the largest shop window displays.
  • Digital signage for exhibitions and other environments. A digital display allows for a high level of flexibility over typical printed mediums in these applications

We have experienced Visual Technicians in-house who have a thorough and complete knowledge of the equipment. The equipment is always sent out with a visual technician. Contact us today to get a quote for us to setup a standard size screen or come up with a custom design specifically tailored to your event of space.

We are a full spectrum production company, which means we can provide a turnkey solution that incorporates rigging, audio, media servers, data management, custom fabrication, carpentry and lighting if needed.

Our turnkey approach ensures greater service delivery, lower costs, better management and integrated technical solutions.