Tour Management

On any Tour, there are an infinite number of moving parts and potential bumps along the way, a quality Tour Manager will be able to navigate these with ease while also be able to shield the stresses of touring from the Artist and Crew as much as possible.

Our team in the Tour Management department have run successful tours domestically, around Australia, and across the world.

While we would always strongly encourage for any tour to take a Tour Manager on the road we can also assist the “Advance” or the pre-work prior to a tour taking place. Namely the booking of hotels, flights, accommodation, logistics, liaising with venues, booking crew, organising rehearsals and managing budgets. These factors coupled with our Production Management skills create an extremely high quality, respected touring team, when on the road or in the “Advancing” phase.

Reach out and Contact us today so that we can assist you in organising you or your artists next tour and alleviate some of the stress and strain that comes with high end event touring.