Production Design

The design of an event is arguably the most important factor. A solid plan and design for an event, will ensure the successful delivery and completion of that activation.

Our expert team of production managers will assist in the production design and implementation of all sized events. We work with the latest CAD software to develop accurate renders of your event space, as well as what the production aspects will look like in that space. Anything from a simple stage plot, all the way through to full stage and event renders, we have you covered. We are able to give you a digital walk through of your event space, prior to activation, so you can visualise what it will look like to patrons and guests on the day.

When our team talks Production Design, we are thinking everything from structure builds, cable management, power allocation, safe working limits for our products and obviously the overall look and feel of the event. Whether it is a sleek corporate product launch or a classic rock ‘n’ roll pub gig, our products will suit and be designed to tick all your required boxes.

A clear design can assist in patron management, theming layout, styling requirements, artist movements and needs, therefore resulting in a smooth running and successful event.

Get in contact with our team if you would like to see some of our Production Design skills, first hand.