The ability to clearly hear a presenter, a guest speaker, a performer, or musical act is a very important part of understanding your message. Primarily an audio based company, we have over 30 years of experience in the corporate and live music industry. This, coupled with some of the latest technology and highly experienced technical staff, provides The Music Box with the tools to ensure your event is a success with the best results achievable.

We stock various types of audio systems, including the state of the art, eMotion LV1 mixing system. When planning an event each system is designed to deliver the best results for the venue, type of event, and outcomes required.

Our audio design skills are deployed at various types of events from government addresses, product launches, press conferences, music festivals, opera concerts, orchestral performances and theatrical productions. Having the ability to diversify has kept us the number one choice for many promoters and event management companies.

We can provide small systems to cater to board room presentations through to large format systems for outdoor events catering to over 40,000 people.

We have designed and built a touring flyable solution for the Waves LV1 system. Each system is modular and can be added to fulfill the requirements of the event. The Waves LV1 system are built with Pelican Air cases for safety and easy transport to get from A to B.

Our Audio team are driven and focused on always delivering the best quality sound at any and all events. Please contact us so we can come up with the perfect audio plan for your next event.