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For your one stop-shop solution to microphone hire, look to the Audio-Visual experts at The Music Box. We are an asset based creative event production company. That means one supplier, one order, one Event Consultant and one call and it’s done; everything in one easy box.

Microphone Hire Sunshine Coast:

The Music Box provides rental services to the Sunshine Coast area for a wide variety of microphones from trusted brands, suitable for a number of different applications.

We can provide microphone hire for weddings, conferences and public speaking events, as well as live music performances of any scale and even recording applications.

Whatever your requirements are, we’ll strive to provide you the right options to work for your Sunshine Coast based event.

We have a variety of handheld microphones, including wireless systems, lapel mics (used by lecturers or presenters to allow free movement around a stage), headset microphones and lectern microphones (for conferences). For our wireless mics, we provide high-quality SHURE brand wireless receivers that do not compromise the quality of the sound, and provide a clean uninterrupted signal without restricting a speaker or performer to a single spot on the stage. All our microphones can be provided with all necessary accessories such as clips, cables and stands, as well as a variety of mounting options such as lecterns or specialized instrument mounts.

If you need microphone hire suited to live event applications, we have the stock you need – with focused pickup patterns and the ability to reject unwanted noises from their surroundings, our dynamic and condenser microphones can deliver quality sound without feedback in the most demanding, noisy environments from festival stages, event halls and public event spaces. For recording projects or applications in more controlled environments, we also offer quality condenser microphones capable of capturing all the detail and nuance of an instrument or vocal performance, which are able to capture the acoustic qualities of the surrounding space.

If you want to amplify or capture sound such as human speech, singing or any acoustic instrument, a microphone is the first piece of equipment that sound must pass through before being amplified or recorded. However, this is just one link in a chain of equipment needed to process and deliver that sound, and we at The Music Box understand that every link in that chain is important. Starting with high quality preamps in mixing consoles from trusted brands, to speaker systems suited for a range of venues and acoustic environments, you can rest assured that our sound engineers can provide the right equipment to deliver the best sound possible from any microphone you hire. We know our gear inside and out – we continually monitor and test all our equipment to ensure we consistently deliver a quality sound for all our customers, and our microphones are no exception.

Our sound engineers are experienced in delivering live and recorded audio from a variety of sources, from loud rock & hip-hop acts, large bands and choir performances, to more intimate solo/acoustic performers and even music videos and live-streamed performances. Whatever your event or project may be, we can hire you the right microphone with the right equipment and the right team to deliver sound that meets your expectations. We’ll consult and advise you at every step, and our production team can also help you with the installation, operation and takedown of any equipment you may have rented from us.

If you’re looking for any assistance in planning your event or selecting the best microphone rental for your specific situation in Sunshine Coast, we are here to help. Contact us today to request a quote!