We make the spectacular simple!

We are your one stop shop, for a variety of Lighting Hire, look no further than The Music Box. As an asset based creative event production company, we are a one stop shop – This means one supplier, one order, one Event Consultant and one call and it’s done. Everything in one easy box.

An event takes a huge amount of organisation and logistics management, to create a successful end result. From the catering, music, and the guest list, to the scheduling, guest speakers, performers and event staff, they all play an integral role in creating just the right experience.

An often overlooked, but equally pivotal factor, in creating this experience, is lighting and lighting design.

When planning an event, lighting can transform a space. In Melbourne, look for a company with experience and the drive to create beautiful events and lighting design, we pride ourselves on this at The Music Box.

Event Planning:

So many details go into preparing a special occasion, planning often may seem very daunting.

Your decisions can be simplified by initially considering what mood or moods you want your event to have.

A wedding, for example, might be soft , romantic overtones, with bright highlights at key points and places. However, a corporate product launch, may want to create an environment of energy and innovation, while a not for profit or charitable organisation fundraiser would require sophistication and elegance, whereas a fashion show needs bright lights and lots of them!

Creating Gorgeous Rooms:

Big events often need to be held in large and empty rooms, which often lack warmth. Wireless, LED up-lights are an effective and economical way to enhance the look of a space. They are a battery powered, wireless solution that can easily be placed anywhere. Spaced around the perimeter of a room, they can create rich colours on the walls and ceiling. LED lights can make any colour imaginable!

Pin spots create pools of radiance on whichever space you want to highlight, for example, a spectacular table centre piece.

Experience Counts:

When searching for event Lighting Hire in Melbourne, look for a company that has extensive experience.

The Music Box has been offering lighting and Audio services over 30 years.

Our sound and/or Lighting Hire packages are built to suit every budget and taste. Use your imagination to design the perfect event, then book a consultation to make that dream a reality.

Need your occasion to sparkle? Get in touch with us as your best option for Lighting Hire needs in Melbourne. Our team of experts contain, qualified and experienced lighting designers, operators, and system technicians. We understand the intricacies of lighting and can add that wow factor to your festival, business event or even function.

We’ll help you to get Lighting Hire, right. For more information please contact us today for a free quote and consultation.