Crowd Control

When running and managing events, crowd safety, and management is of the utmost importance. Whether your event will have thousands of fans at it and need crowd control barriers, or your product launch will have a few hundred people lining up early and bollards are required, we have all your crowd control needs covered. Reach out to our team to discuss and we can help walk you through the required type, shape and setup of crowd control that your event may require.


Our barriers boast many advantages over other ‘bike rack’ style units. Firstly, the support structure is much safer than the standard curved feet that usually raise up and become a trip hazard. Secondly, they use a perforated mesh – making it harder for small people to sneak through!


We stock white crowd control barriers including 2m panels and gates!

This fencing is suitable for large scale events, activation spaces, artist appearances.


We stock chrome based bollards with black retractable straps. These units are ideal as a deterrent for use in public areas or shopping centres.

We also stock a large quantity of chrome-based bollards with red and black crushed velvet ropes.


Our white picket fence is perfect for kids play areas or to create a corporate VIP enclosure for an outdoor event. Fencing is available in differing sizes and can include gate and free standing posts.